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  • Flic En Flac
  • Flic En Flac
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Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac is a resort town located on the west coast of Mauritius and owes its appellation from the Dutch “Friend Land Flaak” which some translate as “free and flat land”. Once considered as a simple fishermen village, Flic-en-Flac was able to turn into a beach resort very much for its beaches and nightlife without losing its luster.

Sea, Sand and Sun

It is no coincidence if Flic en Flac is one of the favourite beach resorts of Mauritians. The town is home to the longest white sand beach of the island. The beach is bordered by casuarina trees on one side and turquoise crystal clear lagoon on the other. Quite deserted on weekdays, Flic en Flac attracts a lot of picnickers and tourists on weekends. Besides the usual water sports, the region boasts outstanding diving sites with caves, walls and no less than five wrecks!

To relaxAt the town entrance, the small shopping village of Cascavelle also houses several restaurants as well as a French Brand supermarket, a bookstore, jewellery store and other shops offering a wide variety of products and services. Just minutes away, Casela leisure & adventure Park offers a real safari to discover many exotic animals, including more than 1 500 bird species. Thrilling moments guaranteed for audacious souls through a myriad of activities such as zip line, quad biking or canyoning.

To excite your taste budsYou will find in the hotel’s immediate neighbourhood a variety of restaurants to satisfy everyone’s gastronomical desires. Here are some of the most popular ones:
Chez Pepe, an Italian restaurant located next to the public beach. One of the most famous Chinese restaurants of the island is also located on the same street; Ah Youn Restaurant. It is a small restaurant, but well worth the trip. Le Domaine Anna nestled at the entrance of the town, adopts a very festive atmosphere on weekends. Weddings, birthdays, and other corporate events are organised there and the band really know how to heat up the small dance floor.