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  • Villas Caroline
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Villas Caroline

Мечтаете о комфортном отдыхе, который не включает в себя проживание в старом отеле с переполненным бассейном. Наслаждайтесь своим отдыхом, просыпайтесь когда хотите и участвуйте в деятельностях как желаете. Ваши дети должны иметь личное пространство, свой номер, без шумных соседей.

Отель Villas Caroline – всё что вам нужно для такого отдыха.

Среди множества вариантов отдыха на Маврикии, отель Villas Caroline выбран туристами благодаря своим преимуществам:

Fun holidays

Enjoy all the entertainment offered by the hotel. Our sport activities, games and shows will make your holiday even more memorable. On Saturday nights, you will discover the sometimes suave sometimes frenzied rhythm of traditional Mauritian music, the Sega.

Our entertainment team will make you smile, especially with our organised games at lunchtime and early evening while five times a week a musical ensemble fine-tunes the charming atmosphere of aperitif and dinner time.

Sea, Sand and Sun

The hotel is bordered by a white sand beach and turquoise waters of a pristine aquascaped lagoon where coral and fish will delight children and adults alike. Those who like spending their days having fun or looking to try new beach & nautical activities can turn to our ‘Case Nautique’, where they will be spoiled for choice. And of course our beach deckchairs are an invitation to refine your suntan while enjoying the idyllic view.

Beyond well-being

Holidays are an opportunity to break from the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. Enjoy your stay to take care of your body and mind at Chamarel Spa which offers a range of professional treatments (face and body) for each of our guests. The Spa offers a hammam and intimately relaxing atmosphere rooms. The Spa is open from 9:30 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00.